COVID-19 crisis’ systemic and multiscalar impacts on tourism

United Nations event

Maison de la Paix, IHEID - June 25th, 2020

Speakers’ name:

Raphaël Languillon-Aussel (PhD), lecturer, Institute of Environmental Governance and Territorial Development, University of Geneva.

Cecilia Raziano González, assistant, department of Geography, University of Geneva.

Main argument:

Tourism is a complex sector of the economy. It is vulnerable to a great number of multiscalar perturbations, such as pandemic, mainly because of the diversity of stakeholders, activities and resources it involves. COVID19 crisis, indeed, has strong impacts on mass tourism. However, beyond a spectacular drop at the international and national scales, local impacts of the crisis are very difficult to quantify, due to the diversity of local specificities. It is especially the case for cultural and sport tourisms.

The main argument of the presentation is that spectacular global impacts of COVID19 crisis invisibilize the complexity and the diversity of issues that face local stakeholders and local territories of tourism – both regarding direct and indirect consequences of the crisis. To be visible, local stakeholders try to coordinate together and open a dialogue with upper levels.

Therefore, it is necessary to make visible issues encountered by local stakeholders of tourism. How can we enforce bottom up and flexible coordination dynamics that allow local stakeholders to overcome the crisis?

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