Competition: UNIGE students won C40 international competition "Students Reinventing Cities"

They did it!! My students of Université de Genève won the C40 Cities competition "#Students#Reinventing#Cities"!

First place for the group working on #Bogota (

Second places for the team working on #Reykjavik and the team working on #Dakar (that also won the United Nations competition last June).

Special thought to our students on #Chicago project that have gotten nothing but strong skills and an amazing experience.

1100 students and 150 universities from all over the world have responded to the call... So proud with my colleagues Armelle Choplin and Eloïse Pelaud, with who we spent days, training and advising our four teams during our lecture on "#Future#cities"!

See all the projects and sites here and results:

Project abstract:

Winning team: Eco-Barrio 7 de Agosto Team members: Tessa Harries, Inge Leonora Baak, Katherine Alyssa Huang - University of Geneva ; Gabriela Castro Ortega, Angie Melissa Castillo Surez - Universidad de Los Andes

Advisor(s): Armelle Choplin, Raphaël Languillon, Eloïse Pelaud

The Eco-Barrio 7 de Agosto interventions reorganize a challenging market area. The project consists of a massive outdoor leisure space, installed by the community Cash-for-Work program. It includes environmentally friendly elements throughout the proposed designs such as bike racks made of recycled automotive parts, outdoor mini libraries where street vendors and children are reading. The team also promotes the creation of new green and cultural spaces through the development of productive eco-housing complexes, utilizing existing vertical space and Colombian models; rooftop solar panels and solar panel-lit sidewalks; meticulous study of waste management innovative solutions; creation of pocket parks and green areas through community planting programs. A highly inclusive and positive project for the city with ideas that can be replicated in other districts.

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